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ian street's landmark and heralds its traditional flavor. An old-fashioned ▓tramway dating to 1924 has also been restor▓ed, after being decommissioned in the 1960s, adding a sense▓ of modernism to the ancient shopping stre▓et. But the tram won't be operational unt▓il September 20, since the Olympic and Paralympi

cs marathon runners were and are to pass along the street. Qianmen Street began to develop about 570 years ago. D▓uring the Ming Dynasty (1368-

1644) the street was dotted with guild halls built by different localities, to provide housing to citize

ns intending to take the imperial exams or do official▓ business with the Imperial Court, just north of the

d with bird flu. H

Zhengyangmen Tower. It became even more prosperou▓s during the Qing Dynasty (1644-

uang, a native

1911) wi▓th the development of activities such as lantern fairs 鈥?many opera halls

of ▓east China's F

, teahouses and even a red-light district appeared. Places like the Guanghe Theater

ujian Province who

Jiwen with law institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, who participat?/p>

lived in Chaoyang Dis

trict in Beijing, bo ught nine ducks at▓ the Yanjiaoqingong Ma rket in Lang
fang City Internet Explorer 4.0 of Beiji 4 X
ng's neigh Internet Explorer 5.0 boring Heb 5 C
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19 along w Internet Explorer 6 ith ▓two 6 A
town fello ws. She cleaned the du cks' int▓erna 7 A
l organs, according to the Beijing Mun icipal Hea 6 A
lth Bu reau. She gave three ducks to her 1.7 A
father, un▓cle and a friend and kept the 1.8 A
other si x ducks. "Acco rding to the initi 1.8 A
al inves tigation, a to tal of 13 peopl▓e h 1.9 A
ave eate n the duck and Huang is 1.8 A
the only one w▓ho fel l ill," sa 1.8 A
id Zhao Qingchao, an off icial with Langfang Munici 1.7 A
pal Gove rnment. "We had thorou gh▓ly combe 1.7 A
d all st ands in the market," he added. Each region 1.8 A
has a d istinctive loc al flavour and ▓on 1 A
Chopstic ks, we introdu ce the best of Chine 1.1 A
se cui sine. Now, the re might be Chinese 1.2 A
restaura nts almost e verywhere in the wor 1.3 A
ld, but I couldn't thi nk o▓f a better pla 1.4 A
ce or ti me to show the charm of Chinese fo 1.5 A
od tha n at the Beiji ng Olympics.That's t 1.6 A
rue. In that sense, Michael Phelps, Usai 1.7 A
n Bolt a nd Guo Jingjin g w▓eren't the only 1.8 A
superst ars at the Beiji ng ▓Olympics. There 1.8 A
was als o a whole differ ent ki 1.8 A
nd of star , the Peking D uck. The crispy A
culinary dish won its own meda l at the A
table in the athletes ' village. The Peki A
ng Duck is undoubtedly " Di▓sh of the Year A
" for 2008 . As a symbol of traditi 420 A
onal ▓Chi nese cuisine, this dis h was a favorite A
during S60 S60 413 A
the Beijin g Olympics. According to off▓ic - A
ial statis tics, about 700 ducks were eaten - A
ey're m?/td>  at the Ol ympic village each d - A
ay...And i ▓t was the most popular choice - A
of athlete s. The sli▓ ces of duck meat and - A
crispy sk in are tradi tionally eaten wit - A
h a sweeti sh plum sauc e and slivers of s - A
pring onio n, wrapped toget Wii - A
her in a s mall pancake. Peking ?/td> - A
圖uck is a must for visitors to the Chinese ca 8.5 pital.A▓nd if you
enjoy m eat, there are man y choice▓ 3.1 C
s availa ble in Beijing. Lo ok at this 3.3 A
savory bar▓becue with gr een carawa 3.5 A
y. It's a treat both visua▓lly an d also for the - X
taste bud s. Come along with so▓m e friends on hol 1 C
iday, enjo y the scenery and ▓the luscious food! 1 C
You'll find our Chinese  BBQ is as tasty a - C
nd authe ntic as a wester n-style barbe▓cue!A - A
nd if yo u think barb ecue doesn't heat up - X
the a tmospher e enough, th - X
ere's st ill hot pot. Seafood - X
pot, ho t chilly p ot, medley pot just - C
to name a few. Dip the PSP - C
fres▓h meat into the steamy so - - U

坋d in the draft of the proposal. A total of 13 Siberian tig▓ers have died over a span of three months in Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo, including 11 which died of malnutriti▓on and another two were shot dead while mauling a zoo work▓er in November 2009, said Liu Xiaoqiang, vi

NJUDE鈥檚 image of high quality, excellent ta▓ste, rich and profound culture.Dead birds▓ found in HK test positive for H5N1 virusSales of 193 sample enterprises in Beijing averaged 190 million yuan (about 27 million U.S. dollars) per day during the Olympics▓, up 17 per

cent from the same period last year, said Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce on Tuesday. The sample ente▓rprises included stores with a distinctive "Chinese flavor" such as those in the Silk Street and famous traditional restaurants like Quanjude, known for roast ducks. From

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